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Saturday, 26 September 2015

75 Years of Batman

Great article. This is only a portion of it. Read the whole thing at the link above! 

When the Bat-Man first appeared, he did so from the shadows, clad in a vampiric cowl with slits for eyes, long, sharp ears and a cape with bat-like wings. That was in 1939, in the pages of Detective Comics No. 27. Six months later, when Batman’s creators realized they had a hit on their hands, they revealed his traumatic childhood. As a boy, the story goes, Bruce Wayne watched a criminal gun down his parents in a street robbery. Alone and orphaned, with tears streaming down his pink face, he resolved to spend his life fighting violent crime. “Criminals are a cowardly and superstitious lot,” he famously declared, as he vowed to “strike terror in their hearts.”
It was a time of global unease. The economy had not yet recovered from the Great Depression, and Hitler was amassing power in Germany. Meanwhile, in the comic books, it was the dawn of the Superhero age. In many ways, the shadow Batman emerged from belonged to the enormously powerful Superman. But this was no Superman. Batman had no superpowers, no alien origins and no foster parents who inspired him to use powers for good.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Batman vs. Superman for Reals

Ok. I'm not anti-Superman (not like why wife thinks) but I do prefer Batman, and therefore enjoy when he gets the better of the "BoyScout". Check out the link above for descriptions of all 10 examples.
Long before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice finally got the green light at Warner Bros., the debate about who should win in a fight between these two DC Comics icons has been raging. As two of the world’s biggest superheroes, they each obviously have their own respective fan bases, and both sides come up with very convincing arguments about why one would emerge victorious over the other.

10. “Tower Of Babel”


9. The Dark Knight Returns


8. Batman/Superman Annual #1


 7. “The Trust”


6. Red Son


5. Batman: The Animated Series


4. “Handful of Dust”


3. “Hush”


2. The Dark Knight Strikes Again


1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice



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